IMPACT serves strike notice at Sligo General

29/04/2009 - 18:24:19

The IMPACT trade union has served strike notice to Sligo General Hospital management, with a picket to take place next Wednesday.

The trade union’s 300 members at the hospital want management to reverse their decision removing the automatic entitlement of staff to sick pay.

SIPTU has already served notice that their members will strike at the hospital next Tuesday.

Unions are due to meet the HSE in relation to the dispute in Dublin on Friday.

Devins Delivers his greatest lie yet

Not content with betraying the entire population of the Northwest in 2008, now Devins is back with more lies.

Now he expects us to believe that Cowen fired him because of his stance on Sligo's Cancer Services!
What stance?
  • The one you took againts keeping the cancer services here?
  • The stance you took on behalf of Mary Harney and the HSE?
  • The Stance you took against the people of the Northwest in Dáil Eireann on the 21/05/2008?
Theres not one person west of the Shannon stupid enough to believe that including you DOCTOR Devins.

When his constituents needed him most, he did the same as every other coward in Fianna Fail does, towed the party line, hoped no-one would notice and if they did notice that it would all blow over.

Well, everyone noticed Jimmy, we noticed the lies you perpatrated on behalf of Mary Harney, the lies you supported against the staff of Sligo General and the lies you told to us personally and to the press.
You're finished in Sligo Jimmy, you betrayed the people of the Northwest and then Fianna Fail betrayed you, don't expect any sympathy from any of us.

You sold your soul and got €53,000 of taxpayers money for it.

The Usual Suspects

Some things never change

Devins, Coughlan, Cowen, Harney, Scanlon.

Liars, Hypocrites, Idiots, Corrupt or just plain useless?
Take your pick

IMO vote 'No Confidence' in HSE and governments health 'Policies'

At their annual conference, the IMO described the hse as 'Hellish' and passed an unanimous motion of No confidence in the governments health 'Policies'.
It ha sto be asked, what more do they need to know before the HSE is disbanded for good and Harney put out to pasture.
All shes good for, is grazing anyway


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