Latest Harney Horror story


Over 57,000 x-rays never checked by consultant radiologist

Despite all her promises and all the claims of improvements and advancement. The Minister for Health wasn't able to stop another major scandal in the Irish Health system.
Even this morning Harney was claiming she knew nothing about the scale of the problem until yesterday, only to be contradicted by Tallaghts new CEO who detailed how he found out and immediatley told Harney and the HSE in DECEMBER.

The lies keep coming, patients keep dying and nothing ever changes.

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Am I missing something here??

When is a rebellion not a rebellion?

A quick look at Dail records shows our two 'rebel' TD's as being among the most active when it came to voting for the government. For two men supposedly taking a stand and withholding their support, they voted for the government consistently since the Dail returned after the summer break

If that was a rebellion, it would hardly inspire confidence. But I suppose, when you consider the rebels, then its just about fit for the two weak, dishonest cowards that claimed it.

Keep your bullshit to yourselves gents, we havent got the time


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